√  Is a Proven Leader

√  Actively Seeks Resident Input

√  Is Fiscally Responsible

√  Collaborates

√  Supports Education

√  Values Quality Services

√  Makes Sound Decisions


Cheryl Tully Stoll

Unsustainable municipal spending rates

We need to work smarter; increasing taxes is not the solution. Our current spending levels are completely unsustainable and we are taxing our senior citizens out of town. They helped make this community great and deserve to age in-place.


Retaining quality schools

We need to work with our new school administration and soon-to-be elected school committee to assure this happens. We are finally on the right path and we need to make sure that appropriate resources are dedicated to the success of all of our students.


Supporting responsible commercial and economic development 

The city must increase support for efforts such as the Lifetime Fitness facility and the TIF we gave to the Jack’s Abbey Brewery that has resulted in them expanding in downtown Framingham, opening a new restaurant here and opening an entirely new brewery and tasting room. Both of these projects are examples of neighborhood-friendly development.


Preserving open space

Framingham is losing open space at a rapid pace. We must work together to preserve this valuable asset. If we don't, once it is gone it will be gone forever and the character of our community will have changed.

Continuing downtown revitalization

We've made significant progress in the past few years and those efforts need to be enhanced.

Mitigating our traffic and speeding issues

The single item that affects the quality of life of all of our residents is traffic. The city government needs to put together a comprehensive plan to manage this situation.


Some Issues Cheryl Cares About: